Music and Gun Festival

March 13, 2020 - March 15, 2020

Friday 12p-9p, Saturday 9a-5p, Sunday 9a-3p

About The Show

Friday Night

Saturday Matinee

Gun Show Tickets are available seperately.

If you purchase a concert ticket, your admission to the Gun Show is FREE!

At the gun show exhibitors from throughout the U.S. will display Modern Firearms, Antique Firearms, Knives, Hunting Rifles, Gun Parts, Indian Artifacts, Indian Jewelry, Antique Indian Art, Mountain Men Collectables and Contemporary Crafts, Old West Memorabilia, Cleaning Supplies, Militaria, Huge Selection of Ammunition, Collectables, and much... much... more!

Call For More Info: 650-520-6002

General Information

General Admission Price: $12
Vendor Table Price: $85
Vendor Wall Price: $95
Vendor Setup: Friday 10AM-5PM

Tickets Options

At The Event Ticket Sales

Buy your tickets at the show on the days of the show. Save some money and subscribe to AZGUNRADIO.COM and you will receive a coupon for $2 off the price of general admission at the door! Quick, easy and a great savings!

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